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Candlelight Prayer

I pray to be a guidepost in my work and life.

I pray that for whatever remnants of time we have left that my impact is felt.

I pray that I facilitate creation, evolution, and exploration.

That my legacy, in turn, influences endless legacies.

Prayer is a conscious, continuous, communicative act.

It takes many forms, to many faces of Gods we serve.

What do you pray for?

Cast for?

What do you seek to create or destroy with the God-in-you?

How are you in service to the God-in-you, and in turn, the God-in-others?

We speak of the concept "Everyone Is You Pushed Out," the concept of the people around you being reflections of the Self, of Your Self.

What do you see in your mirror?

Especially if you scry, what do you see?

What surrounds you, in your mirror? In your mind? In your world?

What is your impact on the world, in the mirror?

People have said the World has become a Godless place, largely within the Judeo-Christian lexicon.

I think, in some ways, in some places, it may be true.

Which is why people seek grand shows of divinity to harness for themselves.

There has been an uptick in cults, it seems, with people demanding marks and bloodshed in their names.

To be perceived as a God above rather than to help people reignite the Spark of Life gifted to us upon our formation.

They are cold, empty, and rather surround themselves in a frenzied bonfire of their subjects rather than cultivating their own Inner Divine Flame.

I pray that my spark encourages your spark. That our embers glow and warm others.

I pray that I can encourage all others who come in contact with me, either as a client or a passerby, to cultivate their Divine Flame and the Flames of others.

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