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What if? If-Then.

My grievance with the marketing at large for tarot and other divinatory modalities, is that for the longest time, the focus has been on the fortunetelling/predictive aspect associated with them. I have done plenty of work on various "hotline" platforms, via phone, livestream, live chat, text, etc. If you've seen ads for most of them, you have probably received something like, "Find out what he's thinking about you! Is he cheating on you?" Which leads to most of the focus being not only on prediction, but straight-up mindreading, and borderline psychic spying.

Spiritual practitioners like me learn to do what we do in order to provide a broad swath of spiritual advice, outside of romantic love. However, due to how our services have been marketed, I have received complaints and full-on negative reviews saying "I came here for a prediction, not advice!"

I have done thousands of readings over a decade, with people around the world, including clients old enough to be my grandparents.

My skill for prediction is there, sure, but my tagline is Create Your Fate for a reason.

When I ask my tools for guidance, my lens is more from an If-Then rather than a What if. If my client decides to focus on this action, then what path will it guide them to?

I often think about the videogame Beyond: Two Souls and the way it depicted energetic connectivity between the protag and whomever they connect with. I am a believer in the possibility of parallel dimensions and timelines, kind of overlaid on each other. My goal with my services are to guide my clients to the best possible alternate endings.

Want to get your game guide? Level up by booking a session with me!

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